One of the greatest methods to enhance the appearance and safety of your car is to tint the windows. Ever gotten inside your car after it spent the entire day standing in the sun? If you had tinted windows, the heat would be significantly decreased, saving your energy expenses to cool the car. The same goes for your buildings.

At Luxury Glass Tinting, we utilize a technologically advanced, 100% precision-cut technique that enables us to install tint quickly, precisely, and with outstanding customized tint designs. We offer only professional and high-quality window tinting and installation services for cars, trucks, residential, and commercial buildings in Beverly Hills, CA, and nearby areas.

Commercial tinting

Commercial window tinting has several advantages for your company. It requires little maintenance, and is often less expensive than window treatments. It improves building security, offers a relaxing workspace, and lessens glare. Additionally, it gives your workspace a more stylish look with decorative films. If you require commercial window tinting for your company our installers will complete the task right the first time, and we provide a guarantee for all of our services.

Residential tinting

Residential windows can lead to a variety of issues, including intense glare, heat buildup, and high energy expenditures because you have to use the air conditioning system more frequently to stay cool.

We tint home windows in Beverly Hills, CA while limiting solar heat coming from the outdoors, assisting in preventing glare, and helping you bear less of your heating and cooling costs.

Car tinting

UV radiation exposure can be greatly decreased by tinting the windows of your car. Additionally, auto window tinting can increase your privacy, protect the interior of your car, and make it look stylish. We install the best 3M window film available in Beverly Hills, CA for sun-ray control, protection, security, and energy efficiency.

Mobile window tinting in Beverly Hills, CA

Luxury Glass Tinting offers a mobile window tinting service and can travel to you! While your car’s windows are being tinted at a time that fits your schedule, you may relax in the convenience of your own residence.

If you have been planning for window tinting without moving miles, our tinting solution in Beverly Hills offers a convenient mobile service in order to facilitate you with aesthetic appearance, comfort, and security to your vehicles and buildings without you having to visit us.

Paint Protection Service

Any external painted surface of your car can receive paint protection film, a transparent urethane substance. Protection from rocks, salts, insects, and other foreign objects is provided by a nearly undetectable paint layer. It keeps your car’s paint durable and stain-resistant, maintains the resale value of your car, and provides safety from scratches.

For a professional paint protection film installation Luxury Glass Tinting is the most reputable service provider in Beverly Hills, CA, and surrounding locations.

Why choose us?

We provide certified window tint installers and are prepared to address any queries you may have regarding window tint, ornamental glass films, and window film for your house, place of a business, car, or boat.