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Luxury Glass Tinting

Window Tinting in Los Angeles For Cars, Homes and Businesses

The installers at our tint shop are master certified installers, and we provide excellent customer service. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Therefore, we dedicate our time to help you choose what best suits your Needs. Contact us now and we’ll come to you for a free estimate. We also provide a lifetime warranty on our product, and we guarantee the best value in the industry.


Luxury Glass Tinting lets its customers avail of the benefits of tinting in the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

Paint Protection

Our paint protection services are designed to protect your vehicle’s exterior from scratches, chips, and other types of damage that can occur during normal use.


The beauty of a home Windows is never sacrificed in Residential Window Tinting Los Angeles.


Energy Efficiency is a primary factor that increases employee comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Anti-gravity security

The latest statistics show that vandalism has cost americans over 1 Billion annually. From spray paint graffiti,


Window Tinting for your Car Los Angeles clearly exceeds your expectations with their superior performance.


Enjoy enhanced privacy and aesthetics with decorative window film! At a fraction of the cost of stained glass


With us, customers and their property will be held in the highest regard at all times by our dedicated and experienced employees who are driven to teamwork, self improvement, accountability, and innovation.

    State-of-the-art window films, with the best Warranty


    Will guide you every step of the way if you wish to avail of Window Tinting at its best.


    Trusted by Many Local Dealers


    We have window films that meet your needs

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Car Tinting in LA

Luxury Glass Tinting offers specialized car tinting services in Los Angeles. Whether you need a film applied to your vehicle for design purposes, privacy, security or comfort, we have options for you. You can enjoy cooler temperatures in your car, you won’t have to worry as much about your valuables, and you won’t be exposed to direct sunlight while you drive.

Our tinting process involves the careful application of high-quality film to your car’s windows. We don’t recommend doing this by yourself at home! Our skilled window tint experts guarantee a bubble-free and precise fit. We also offer high end ceramic tint options, which provide amazing heat rejection and UV protection without interfering with radio, cell, or GPS signals. From a Tesla window tinting project to a full wrap on a Porsche or PFF application on a truck, we love to make our customers’ vehicles more comfortable and striking.

car tinting Los Angeles
house window tinting LA

House Window Tinting in Los Angeles

Many homeowners in LA add tint to the glass in their home. It can add visual flare to your property, reduce your air conditioning costs, increase privacy, and provide other benefits. If you live in a home that receives lots of direct sunlight, it will even reduce fading of your furniture and floors.

Luxury Glass Tinting offers a variety of tint options including solar, decorative, and privacy tints. Solar tints improve HVAC efficiency, decorative tints add a stylish element to your glass, and privacy tints add privacy to your bathroom windows, street-facing windows, and other areas of your home. This is especially beneficial for contemporary homes that may not look as good with traditional drapes and curtains, or if you still want to allow natural light into your home.

We don’t disrupt your daily life any more than we need to when we install your film. Our experts measure and cut the film to perfectly match your windows, apply it carefully the first time, avoid bubbles and peeling, and create a flawless finish that you can enjoy for years.

Commercial + Office Window Tinting Services

Our commercial window tinting services in Los Angeles offer tangible benefits for storefronts, office buildings, and other commercial spaces. Our high quality tints reduce glare and heat, create a more comfortable work environment, and lower cooling costs. We also help protect against UV damage to preserve interior furnishings and displays. We can install solar tints for energy efficiency, decorative tint in different colors, and more.

We also install security film, which can fortify windows against smash-and-grab incidents—a common concern for storefronts and ground-level commercial properties. This film holds shattered glass in place and deters criminals. If you would like more information about adding window tint to your commercial space, please get in touch!

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