As one of California’s leading window tinting and vehicle wrapping dealers, Luxury Glass Window Tinting in Glendale provides a wide variety of color and texture car wraps to personalize your vehicle. Our graphics make any vehicle or fleet a durable outdoor billboard that follows you wherever you go.

Why Should Your Windows Be Tinted?

We want your car’s window tint to be as efficient as possible. Here are some guidelines to help you decide if you should get your window tint installed:

Providing UV ray defense

UV rays pass through clear glass easily and can cause serious skin problems if they are not blocked by high-quality tinting. In addition to skin cancer, long-term sun exposure can contribute to wrinkles and skin aging. Your eyes are especially susceptible to damage from damaging solar radiation.

If your automobile’s windows are tinted, you can also prevent getting tired and getting headaches while driving in the sun. A tinted automobile can also protect you against eye cancer, cataracts, and even sunburned eyes.

Vehicle Heat Reduction

It is very difficult to regulate the interior temperature of the car when the sun shines through the windows of your vehicle and heats the interior. You can reduce the heat in the vehicle by installing car tints, thus saving power on the air conditioning. Tinting prevents the amount of heat that accumulates inside the vehicle, making it easier to control the temperature.


Since tinted windows are harder to break, attackers will have a harder time breaking them during an attempt to steal your car or personal belongings. This reduces the likelihood of thefts.

The windows of your automobile can be tinted to prevent break-ins by would-be thieves. In contrast to a clear window, with everyone able to see your belongings, a tinted window makes it more difficult for thieves to break in.

Home Window Tinting Glendale, CA

Having the distinct advantage of distributing for several of the leading manufacturers in the industry, Luxury Glass Tinting is the leading provider of home window film installation, and tinting in Glendale, CA. We help homeowners lower energy bills as well as enhance privacy, reduce heat, and increase window safety.

In addition to preventing Artificial Grass from burning, we also have a kind of window film that blocks out the sun’s glare. Ceramic window film, which almost blocks out natural light, is an option for homeowners who want only to block out the heat.

Using our residential window films protects your furniture, wood flooring, and artwork from UV-A and UV-B light aging and tarnishing. All of our window films are backed by lifetime warranties.

Automotive Window Tinting Glendale, CA

With us, get the greatest job done if you’re seeking the best vehicle tinting services in Glendale. We’ll go over some of the greatest auto tinting options with you, guide you toward a selection, and help you get the ideal look.

Having your vehicle tinted offers many benefits. UV protection and glare reduction are among the most impressive. You can even transform the appearance of your car and make it exceptionally personal. With so many choices available, you’re likely to become confused.

Commercial Tinting in Glendale

We have a variety of commercial window tinting films available for business owners to choose from for their storefronts, including security and anti-graffiti films. To avoid costly glass replacement and for increased protection, business owners can highly benefit from our anti-graffiti and security films.

Anti-Graffiti films

This imperceptible Graffiti protection film shields surfaces from paint, key scratches, markings, and even acid etching. The film serves as a sacrificial barrier between vandals and the surfaces they target, including glass windows, mirrors, and metal surfaces.

Graffiti film is easily replaced after being vandalized, minimizing the property damage, as well as maintaining aesthetics. Luxury Glass Tinting is now commonplace everywhere from storefronts to overpasses since it is much cheaper to replace it than to replace what it protects. Window Tinting graffiti protective coatings can protect your public surfaces against both intentional and accidental graffiti damage.

Security films in Glendale

To keep shattered glass in place, Luxury Glass Tinting in Glendale offers a variety of high-performance safety and security window films. Our films have all undergone rigorous impact and glass resistance testing. Our optically clear Safety & Security films can be adapted to glass that already exists. Before safety and security films are suggested, specified, or fitted, the type of existing glass and glazing configuration must be established.

To ensure optimal product performance and quality, we advise installation to be done by the certified technicians at our company.

Why choose us?

Whether your project is large or small, we can handle it for you. All films we install come with a manufacturer’s warranty and are inspected by a qualified foreman. We specialize in working with medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare facilities, but we can accommodate any other project as well. We encourage integrity, pride, respect, and cleanliness in the workplace.