We guarantee that with us, you will receive the highest quality window tinting in Santa Monica. Whether it is for your car or house, we have mastered the craft through years of window tinting experience. We use only cutting-edge technology in the vicinity to provide you with the finest ever tinting service.

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Why do you need Window Tinting?

The added benefit of tinted car windows is not only that they make your car look more elegant, but they also have several practical uses like controlling car heat, avoiding stealing and so on.

    i. Lowers heat

Take advantage of the sun control features in our automotive window films that can reduce a car’s interior heat and make passengers and drivers more comfortable. Furthermore, because less air conditioning will be needed to keep the driver cool, fuel economy will also improve.

    ii. Dramatically lowers the level of glare

The glare from car windows can be dangerous and distracting when driving. Our window films will be quite effective at reducing the amount of bothersome glare entering a car window. This will enhance safety and eyesight as well as help to reduce eye strain.

    iii. UV rays blockage

In addition to the accelerating fading of interior automotive accessories like dashboards, seats, floor mats, and stereo equipment, UV radiation from the sun can seriously damage the skin. It has been documented that automotive window films may filter up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays and save you not only from skin damage but also from various diseases like skin cancer caused by constant exposure to these rays otherwise.

    iv. Improves the aesthetics of your car

The right window film for your vehicle can also add an ideal finishing touch. We can assist you in determining which film is the best choice given the wide range of colors and shades available.

High-Quality Car Window Tinting in Santa Monica

The global warming situation has gone hotter and so have our cars bearing intense UV rays and sunlight. Thanks to this and other environmental factors, your car interior may also start cracking, warping and fading. Eye-fatigue due to daytime sunlight and nighttime bursting headlights are other sad stories.

But the solution is just one: car window tinting!

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Oh, what a luck. Luxury Glass Tinting serves in the region to pamper your car just as it deserves. Ever wondered how much our cars do for us but what do we do for them?

Commercial Tinting

The tinting of commercial windows is an excellent way to reduce energy costs in a variety of buildings, such as schools, hospitals, hotels, and government structures. Our highly competent and experienced team will quickly and effectively tint your commercial windows without causing too much inconvenience. According to our in-depth energy projection analysis, most commercial window tint installations pay for themselves within 1-3 years.

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Residential Tinting

A wide selection of high-quality residential window films along with our extensive experience in the tint industry means we have the perfect window film to suit your needs. Our films provide 99.9% UV rejection to protect your skin, floors, and furnishings.

At Luxury Glass, we offer residential window with certain advantages, including solar heat rejection and increasing your comfort while reducing energy bills/heating maintenance costs. All our films are completely removable and have a lifetime warranty.

We Use Only High-quality Window films

Our window films are backed by premium quality standards. We are authentic enough to provide worthy product guarantees as well as post-service support. Our films are known for promising features like anti-glare, fading prevention, security boosting, protection from UV ray, temperature cooling mechanism and simply prolonging the overall auto life.

Why us?

Luxury Glass Tinting has been making untiring efforts to create a truly unique service experience for its commercial and retail tinting customers. We are the company to call for commercial window tinting, sun control films, safety and security film installations, and other needs you may have for a professional window film installation.

Regardless of whether the project is local, regional, or national, our tinting experts’ team can deploy quickly and deliver results that meet the high standards of a true professional service.