Luxury Glass Tinting is a professional window tinting company serving Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas. We offer you a wide range of window tints at the most economical price in the town. Whether you need it for your car, residential, or commercial, our services help you to take the fullest advantage of its amazing benefits.

Benefits of Applying Window Tints

  • The strong sunlight that may fade fabric and stain leather and vinyl is continually blocked by window film so that your automobile or your furniture will look newer for a longer period of time.
  • Reduces windshield glare, which lessens eye strain from headlights and direct sunlight.
  • Automotive window film can block anywhere between 35% to 65% of the solar heat that accumulates in a car, thus you can reduce fuel consumption from excessive air conditioning use.
  • Prevents the glass from shattering when something impacts it.
  • Lowers the dazzling glare that occasionally pierces windows and obstructs your favorite television program or computer screen in addition to blocking the sun’s harmful rays.
  • You can feel secure knowing that you’re not unnecessarily subjecting yourself to UV damage inside your home or place of business because window tint blocks 99 percent of UV radiation.
  • With window tint, a large portion of the heat from the sun is effectively blocked, letting your place stay significantly cooler and lowering the need for continuous air conditioning use.
  • Helps keep the glass in place longer.

Car Tinting

Car window tinting is fairly common nowadays for its various amazing benefits. We offer a variety of top-quality products, including advanced (ceramic and carbon film), to meet the various needs of our customers in Hollywood, CA. In order to improve interior comfort, get privacy from the outside world, get protection from harmful UV radiations, and lower interior cabin temperatures, a wide collection of film colors and styles are available in our car window tinting spectrum. Our extremely robust auto products have warranties ranging from three to ten years.

Commercial Tinting Service

In commercial buildings like the shopping mall, educational, or office buildings that use tempered glasses, we offer our trusted and guaranteed privacy window films. Our commercial window tinting in Hollywood, CA will lessen the amount of solar heat that enters your commercial places through your glass windows and thus reduce the temperature inside ultimately decreasing the cooling expenses.

A factory-backed warranty is included with all our commercial window films to guarantee that they will remain on the glass as intended. The film will be able to withstand daily wear and tear from regular activities and routine cleanings because of our special scratch-resistant coating.

Residential Tinting

We provide high-class residential window tinting services in Hollywood, California.

Our experts can assist you if you’re building, purchasing, or investing in real estate regarding quality window films that are designed to offer you all the benefits of window tinting that might enhance your home’s comfort and health. Your interior possessions, such as furniture, fixtures, display items, etc., suffer damage from prolonged sun exposure.

Our residential window tints maintain the safety and security of your family or your tenants by preventing 90% of harmful ultraviolet radiations, while minimizing indoor temperature and keeping a secure and comfortable living environment.

Serving North, South and Whole Hollywood, CA

To find out more about window tinting in the North or West of Hollywood, contact our experts right away. They will help you solve your issues and provide you with the best advice on which type of tint you should buy, its shade, and the appropriate tinting percentage as per your need.


Luxury Glass Window Tinting Company serves in the following ZIP Code areas in Hollywood, CA including but not limited to:

90027, 90028, 90038, 90046, 90068, 90069


  • The least expensive window films begin at less than $10 per square foot but, the UV blocking abilities of these tints might not be very strong.
  • Standard films can range from $10 to $15 per square foot and they work as desired by the customers.
  • High-end films cost more than $15 per square foot and are created from the best materials.

Why choose us?

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