Having a hard time getting your room to stay cool despite using your air conditioning unit or are you looking for a shield from prying eyes in your car, residential place, and commercial buildings? Luxury Glass Tinting is the best option for keeping your home and company secure and cool by protecting them with a useful or decorative film. Our devoted workforce, which is based in Studio City, CA proudly serves window tinting services to residences and businesses.

Car tinting

Interior components of your car, like seats and dashboard fade and break due to UV radiation. Tinted windows can protect these components and prolong the life of the interior of your car. Also, window tints enable you to reduce your use of the air conditioner and increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle by obstructing the sunlight and cooling the cabin. With the knowledge necessary to apply window tinting on any automobile, our technicians are available in Studio City, CA, and nearby locations. Our services will give your auto a spotless, bubble-free, polished appearance.

Commercial tinting

In Studio City, CA, we provide commercial window tinting for individual businesses, stores, and even entire commercial buildings. We install all kinds of window tints (like solar film, anti-graffiti film, security window film, decorative window film, ceramic window tints, and more).

Our window film prevents 99% of UV rays, shields glass and metal surfaces from vandals while increasing security, adding a design element and giving more privacy.

Residential tinting

We offer window tint that is specially designed to improve the security and safety of your residence. It is quite an economical and practically undetectable technique to increase your home’s security by installing this film over your residential windows. Our window tint reduces the time and force required to break into your home, it prevents the glass from blowing during an accident or earthquake, or prospective break-in.

Car Wraps Studio City

A car wrap is a sizable vinyl painting or design. It is directly applied to all or a portion of your car’s painted surfaces. Car wraps are a versatile, successful, and economical marketing tool. We offer both a gloss and a matte finish car wrap in Studio City that is completely detachable, offering a significant advantage as you can restore your car to its initial state anytime.

Paint Protection Studio City

Paint protection is facilitated by thermoplastic urethane, a robust substance used to make the film provide protection against scuffs, stone chips, etc.  Our paint protection film possesses exceptional strength and thus, provides guaranteed protection to your assets.

Professional Window Tints

For high-quality window tinting in Studio City, CA, and nearby areas, we have established ourselves as a trusted service provider. We serve our consumers with the best protective films available in all types that are familiar in the market at the most economical prices.

Why choose us?

Luxury Glass Tinting is the top source for window tinting in Studio City for residential, commercial, and automotive applications. We have the broadest range of films and colors and maintain the highest standards of product and service quality.