In West Hollywood, CA, and nearby locations, Luxury Glass Tinting provides consumers with a wide range of choices for car window tinting. All kinds of films, including the latest ones such as ceramic film and paint protection film, can be efficiently installed by our team. In addition to this, we install a variety of high-performance commercial and residential window films that are specially made to address problems with glass, including heat, glare, safety, security, and privacy.

Why Window Tints?

One should choose window tints for his/her car, residential, and commercial use for the following reasons:

  • 85% of the heat absorbed by it can help you to lower your utility costs all year long by lowering heat and glare.
  • Window film can lessen glare and enhance your window views.
  • By blocking up to 99% of harmful Ultraviolet rays, it saves your furniture and other goods in your home or place of business from fading.
  • It maintains privacy by limiting outside visibility providing you with a secure environment.
  • Window films provide you security and safety by supporting the integrity of the glass, and preventing it from breaking when it is struck.

Car Tinting

Enhance your privacy, safeguard your upholstery, and keep your car cool over the sweltering summer with our 3M window tinting products. Not only this we also offer a ceramic coating that adds an additional layer of defense against stains from water, the sunlight, bird droppings, and road debris. With services ranging from vinyl wraps to paint protection and everything in between, Luxury Glass Tinting is a go-to destination in West Hollywood, CA for any auto modification needs.

Commercial tinting

In order to save cooling expenses and maintain a comfortable working environment for both customers and workers, businesses can use our commercial window tinting services to keep their storefront glass and office windows free from the sun’s glare. With our most premium window tints in West Hollywood, CA you can make your clients feel welcomed and at ease when they enter your place of business in regards to privacy, security, and temperature moderation.

Residential tinting

With the temperatures increasing day by day window film is the foundation of a comfortable house. As it reduces the heat to lower your monthly energy costs. You can live worry-free in every space in your home thanks to the Luxury Glass Tinting window tinting services, which include privacy, heat blocking, and glass security.

Serving West Hollywood, CA

With customers served the best, we are acknowledged as West Hollywood, CA’s largest window tinting company. The reason is we only hire the most skilled and qualified window film installers and nano ceramic coating applicators as we uphold a standard for window film and coating excellence.

ZIP Codes We Serve:

90046, 90048, 90069

Why choose us?

For your windows, glass, and rooms in your house, place of business, and for your car, our professionals provide the finest recommendations and install the best films to meet your demands. We provide the best possible customer service and are dedicated to making the places where you live, travel, work, and play happier.