We provide the best ceramic window tinting option in Los Angeles, CA if you’re seeking low-cost privacy or if you intend your car to provide UV and glare protection for a very long time.

We are the top tinting service in the LA metropolitan area, using the most cutting-edge nanotechnology techniques and offering a full service guarantee.

What is ceramic tint?

Ceramic tint, an innovation in tinting technology, is the most expensive film on the market. It is created for optimal heat and maximum ultraviolet protection. It is made up of a type of ceramic nanoparticle that is neither metallic nor conductive and does not contain any color, or carbon. Its nano-ceramic particles and a ceramic coating regardless of the darkness trap a lot of heat. For a number of reasons, this type of tint is substantially stronger than typical window tint. Therefore, the level of protection offered by ceramic window tinting is unrivaled.

We have a variety of options when it comes to ceramic tinting for your automotive or home windows.


  • Ceramic window tint can shield you from the sun’s radiation in addition to preventing your car’s interior from degrading.
  • A good quality window tint will reduce your risk of long-term eye and skin damage by blocking up to 99% of cancer-causing ultraviolet radiations.
  • By lowering sun glare, ceramic window tints can keep you safe while driving. It will be much more comfortable for you to see while driving because your tint will only allow 50% of light into your automobile.
  • 80% of infrared radiation is blocked by tinted windows thus, significantly reducing the interior temperature of your car.
  • Since you won’t use as much air conditioning system to chill your vehicle in the summer, this can reduce the energy expenditures associated with operating your automobile. By doing this, you minimize your engine stress and spend less on fuel.
  • It will protect you and your passengers from glass fragment injuries. It will stop glass from shattering even if the windows are damaged in the case of an accident.
  • Ceramic tinting is more resilient and won’t wear out over time like cheaper auto tinting solutions. It is made to last for at least ten years and is scratch-resistant.

Ceramic tint vs regular tint

The ceramic type is covered with ceramic particles, which is the main distinction between it and regular tint. One of the most widely used varieties of window tints is regular. It’s a low-cost, entry-level choice that provides a wonderful visual appearance and fundamental privacy. In contrast, ceramic window tint is a high-end window tint that has a variety of benefits over regular tint.

Window film with a ceramic coating performs far better than regular window tint. Regular tint film may sometimes actually increase the thermal load on your glass and make it warmer than it would be if it was not tinted because it doesn’t reflect UV rays or heat.

However, more than 99% of all ultraviolet radiation is blocked by ceramic window films. This capacity to block light can lower the inside temperature of your automobile by up to 85%. Additionally, regular tinting sheets are far less robust than ceramic ones.

Ceramic tint cost

On average for $200 to $600, ceramic automobile window tint offers all the advantages listed above. Ceramic window tint justifies the premium price because it is the best available film without any metals or dye. Nowadays a hybrid ceramic film known as nano-ceramic exists. It is an improved ceramic tint with additional advantages, such as heat resistance and rejection. The nano-ceramic tint also provides greater visibility thus justifying its premium cost.

Affordable window tinting in Los Angeles

We at Luxury Glass Tinting provide ceramic window tints in Los Angeles, CA, and the nearby regions at the most affordable prices. All of our films come with a lifetime guarantee against peeling, bubbling, and shattering.

Our professional installation process includes the filing of corners and a customized fit for your particular vehicle. Because we put the needs of our clients first, we are one of Los Angeles’s top locally-owned car care businesses.

3M ceramic window tints

The pinnacle of performance and aesthetics is our 3M ceramic window tint. It is offered in a lovely neutral tone and provides excellent infrared rejection for maximum comfort. You will have peace of mind when you choose 3M ceramic tints as it is for the consumer who seeks the ideal balance between aesthetics and heat rejection.

Contact our experts right away to learn more about 3M ceramic tint installation.

Why choose us?

We are a brand that you know and trust because of our best installers and industry-leading tinting warranty. We give you a sense of security knowing that you and your windows are protected by our tinting services. At Luxury Glass Tinting, our team of professionals is always ready to assist you. We offer quick service to you so that you can safeguard your car, houses and offices, and add to their style.