Many people spend money on sturdy doors, door locks, and other safety features but utterly disregard their windows. It is a mistake to leave your windows unprotected. Installing a protective window film is a good solution that is also less expensive.

Our protective film of 8-14 mils thick is excellent for the majority of home, car, and commercial security applications since it can withstand strikes of up to 400 pounds. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can acquire the finest window films and their installation services in Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas.

Privacy film for windows

To prevent UV rays from entering your home without obstructing the view, use our privacy window film. We offer the following types films as per your requirement:

  • Frosted privacy films are translucent and let light through while obstructing visibility during the day or at night.
  • Daytime privacy is provided by mirrored privacy films. While preventing outsiders from seeing inside during the day, they let you see the outdoor view.
  • Black films provide daytime privacy and cut down on the intensity of light that enters a space.

Benefits of installing a protective film

  • Window becomes more impact and shatter resistant, making it much harder for a thief to break.
  • Window security film helps keep dirt outside your residence or business space because of its ability to withstand breaking-in.
  • Glass will be kept unbroken and strengthened with the support of window film.
  • A 7-8 mil security film will function as a protective anti-scratch layer if your car or commercial windows are vulnerable to scratching in public areas and if your residential windows are prone to scratching by pets and children.
  • UV protection is also provided by window security film as it aids in keeping the heat and sunlight out.
  • By blocking out UV rays, privacy films can help lessen the fading of flooring, window coverings, and furniture.
  • It offers a greater product life as compared to glass protection and offers 10–14 years of warranty.

Protecting Your Windows with High quality 3M Security Films

Your home or place of work could suffer bad things at any time. With our premium 3M security window film, you can safeguard your tenants, family members, workers, and assets with great ease. 3M films can help defend your property and your commercial place against break-ins, vandalism, and even bomb blasts.

Why choose us?

Our protective window film is composed of durable material blends well with the surroundings. It is a secure and reliable way to increase the security of your house.

We serve you with a skilled crew of window film installers to offer a reasonable quotation and complete your project without a glitch. Thus, you have come to the right place if you have been thinking about installing any kind of protective window films in Los Angeles or nearly areas.