Are you trying to stop a hasty assault or avoid robbery? Or, do you want to strengthen the protection of your windows to allow yourself extra time in the event of a break-in while you are home and looking for a window film installer nearby? Luxury Glass Tinting offers you a wide range of products and installation services, such as installing commercial film on a building windows, security film for your car, and residential window tinting options for your home. We are well-known around Los Angeles, CA for our unique glass security systems, product solutions, and 3M window film installation.

Experienced window film installers

Luxury Glass Tinting is an authorized window film installer in Los Angeles. The highest standards of quality and customer service are upheld by our installers who have received specialized training and certification to perform exceptional installation services. Our installers have expertise in installing film in a variety of locations, including hospitals, hotels, schools, sports arenas, and public and private households.

Commercial window films

Commercial window protection films are the finest solution to give privacy to your warehouse and business building while also shielding the occupants from the heat and avoiding damage to priceless furniture and equipment. Our commercial installation crew is professional at recommending films that meet your needs for performance and aesthetics as well as according to the type of glass or window you have.

Residential films installation

We provide residential window films to assist you to improve the safety of your house and solve your concerns about extreme heat and light, faded furniture, security, or privacy. We offer tinting films in a range of designs and colors, allowing you to be as daring or as subdued as you choose.

Security window films

Regular window glass can be made more secure using security window film. When used correctly, security windows can offer advantages like making windows stronger to delay or stop burglars from breaking in, minimizing injuries brought on by flying glass in the event of a broken window, and minimizing the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays through tinting the windows.

We provide safety films of thickness between 4 mils (100 microns) to 14 mils (350 microns) or more. When applying film for tinting or solar protection, or in settings with lower hazard levels, thinner films are frequently employed. In situations with a higher threat level and a requirement for further security protection, thicker films are frequently used.

Solar window films

Solar film is a thin, transparent, and clear layer of material that is directly put on your current window panes to exclude UV rays, glare, and excessive sunlight allowing you to get the outside view. Solar window film decreases glare and promotes privacy, safeguards your family, stops your furniture from fading, and reduces your home’s heating and air conditioning bills. We guarantee you that you get the most out of your windows at your business, restaurant, or retail location by installing our durable and efficient solar films for windows.

Privacy films

We offer different kinds of privacy window films. While some allow for some light and privacy, others provide total one-way or two-way privacy. Following are the products we offer:

  • Blackout window film maintains a clear, unobstructed vision of the outside while giving the appearance of tinted windows from the inside.
  • Frosted film obscures the outside view while granting privacy inside.

In bright situations, mirror window film also offers superb one-way visibility and privacy.

  • Smart tint can be manually set on command to go from clear to frosted.

Anti-Graffiti films

Graffiti damage can be avoided with the use of a specialized kind of window film known as anti-graffiti film. It is made to withstand harm from painting, etching, and other forms of marking. Because it is designed to be removed and changed following a tagging attack, this film is occasionally referred to as a sacrificial film. Since updating the film is far less expensive than replacing the glass, it is cost-effective to employ it in areas where window graffiti is a persistent issue.

We install anti-graffiti film along with security film as anti-graffiti film also offers little protection against invasion or bomb blow therefore, the anti-graffiti film is installed on the outside, and security film on the inside.

3M home window tints

We offer long-lasting, simple-to-install polyester 3M home window tints in a variety of designs and colors. They are ideal for glass surfaces such as those found in foyers, entryways, dividers, shower doors, bathroom windows, cabinet doors, and verandas.

Why choose us?

Our window security film installation services will improve the comfort and safety of any space, from apartments and private homes to huge business buildings and institutions. Our window film installers ensure outstanding and long-lasting results by delivering quality services to both residential and commercial clients in Los Angeles.