Window Tinting Brings Your Car Or Great Truck Style, Protection, and More!

Window Tinting Brings Your Car Or Great Truck Style, Protection, and More!

Are you tired of burning yourself on your leather seats? Do you want to give your vehicle a high-quality look? Consult window tint specialists at Luxury Glass Tinting. We offer mobile tinting service, and tint windows on personal and corporate vehicles, including trucks.

Get windows tinted via mobile tinting service

Enjoy enhanced comfort and safety in your truck or car with tinted window shades. Available in different tint shades and levels, these window tints are designed to repel heat from the sun, reduce glare and enhance your vehicle’s look. Polarizing your automotive windows will protect the interior, provide additional privacy, and protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Why tint your car windows

Car windows can be tinted to lower the temperature inside the vehicle, to prevent glare, gain privacy, and simply for aesthetic reasons. Tints reflect sunlight and keep the interior of the car cool. This allows the driver to minimize use of the air conditioning system, subsequently lowering fuel consumption. A tinted window allows less glare in, prevents snow reflection, and reduces the intensity of headlights. Every state in the US has specific laws regarding tinting vehicle windows. Window tint should be non-reflective and cover only the best six inches of the window. Side window and rear window tint should allow 35 per cent of Visible Light Transmission (VLT).


The front and rear side windows can be tinted with a reflective tint. The tint cannot be more than 35 per cent reflective.


If the rear window is tinted, state law often requires the car to be equipped with a side mirror on each side of the vehicle. The side mirrors must be adjusted to allow the driver to see the road behind the vehicle.

With our mobile tinting service- satisfaction guaranteed!

We focus on using durable products and providing high-quality mobile tinting service. At Luxury Glass Tinting, we understand that maintaining your cars and trucks is the highest priority. That’s why we have the best response time, at the best price, getting the job done right the first time.

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