Tips on Selecting the Ideal Window Tint for Your Car

Tips on Selecting the Ideal Window Tint for Your Car

Car window tinting does more than just make your car look attractive, it gives protection to your vehicle and helps it maintain its looks.

Tinting can block around 99% of UV rays emitted from the sun, which means that your car’s interior stays cool and shielded from sun damage. If you own a decent car that you want to keep in tiptop condition, then this is something you will surely need.


The following article will explain the different kinds of window tintings, and whether or not it’s a good idea to attempt to DIY the tinting job.

Reasons to Get Your Car Windows Tinted

So let us take a look at our little list of reasons for the significance of tinting:

Decreases Fading

The UV radiation from the sun can fade even the top quality upholstery. And guess what is the worst part of it? The interior upholstery fades out in various stages, which just gives your car an old and worn-out look.

Skin Protection

It really is no secret that exposure to UV rays for extended periods is harmful to you. Since tinted windows block the UV light, they also give you skin protection against the sun.

Maintains A Cool Temperature In The Car

Yes, you read it right. Since tinting your car windows blocks most of the UV rays, it blocks surrounding heat from getting in the vehicle too. For people that live in a particularly hot area, car window tinting will make it a little more bearable to drive.

Kinds of Car Window Tint

The foremost step in making your window tint choice is recognizing the various types of window film available in the market. Car window tinting basically falls into two categories: metalized and non-reflective film. The latter offers both glare and heat control by means of solar absorption.

The material which is actually used in car window tinting differs from one product to the next. However, the primary materials are three, namely: carbon film, dyed film, and Ceramic Window Film. The most cost-effective option is the dyed film, but it also has the biggest chance of requiring replacement. The discoloration rate in carbon films is low, and they have high density and strength but can have problems with haze and glare. The Ceramic Window Film has limited problems and high heat rejection, but it tends to fade and oxidize quickly.

Should I Apply Window Tinting On My Own?

If you are daring and like adventures, then you can give it a try. Just be advised, it can become one of the most miserable decisions of your life.

Tinting your car windows by yourself is difficult and messy, and if you can’t get it right, you’ll end up with creases in the tinting.

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